Alchemy OS is an application that creates Unix-like environment inside your phone. It works on all modern phones with support for Java applications.

Alchemy OS is free software (see license).

Program your phone

Alchemy OS allows your to write and execute programs directly on your phone. It comes with builtin compiler and rich API so virtually everything is possible. Features include:
Multitasking environment
You can run several programs at once, switch between them and make them communicate.
Filesystem access
You can access phone's filesystem or emulate it if your phone doesn't allow access. You can even mix the two for safer use.
Programmable user interface
You can build high-level interface using forms, menus and dialogs. Or you can draw on the phone screen and process key presses and screen touches.
Network access
HTTP networking, secure connections and web-sockets.
Work with sound
Ability to play audio and MIDI files, or issue low-level tones and vibrate signals.

Install applications

Alchemy OS makes it simple to install and use applications written by others. It comes with package manager which allows you to browse, install and upgrade existing applications provided by different authors. Moreover, you can publish your own applications.


If you like Alchemy OS you can support it by donating. Thank you!


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