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2014-02-03 Bugfix release 2.1.8

This release contains a few fixes for bugs found in Ether compiler and in installer. Thanks for all who reported them!

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2014-02-03 Release 2.1.7

New in this release.

  • libcomm: Fixed which used incorrect URL to make connection.
  • libcore: Added platformRequest() function to

    This function requests underlying platform to process given URL. You may use this function to make phone calls:

    or to open web pages in phone's native browser:
  • libmedia: Added create_player() function to

    Some users complained about restriction, which did not allow to play files bigger than 1 MB. New function hopes to overcome this restriction.

  • Installer became friendlier
    • Shows installation progress
    • Allows to choose between basic system and full UI
    • Allows to download updates during installation


2013-10-20 Bugfix release 2.1.6

This release fixes bugs which are quite serious and it remains mystery for me why they were unnoticed for so long.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Hexadecimal character literals (like '\u03C0') were parsed incorrectly by compiler
  • asin() and atan() functions returned incorrect values


2013-09-18 Bugfix release 2.1.5

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixed problem with M3G when program could not be restarted
  • Improved printing of arrays and structures with println()
  • Catching of media exceptions


2013-09-08 Bugfix release 2.1.4

This is a quick bugfix for errors found in M3G library in release 2.1.3.